From Inspiration to Installation

When the founders of the company realised that their combined expertise made for the perfect end-to-end solution for space design and renovation, Moksha was born. Our accomplished team is made up of both artists and artisans, bringing together the two key factors that make any design project a success – thoughtful conceptualisation and flawless installation. One cannot exist without the other. And we offer both. Our combined solution, project-managed from inception to implementation, takes the stress out of embarking on a design adventure and ensures absolute success.

Moksha’s seasoned team has decades of experience in interior design, bespoke joinery, architectural designs, landscaping, construction planning and project management. Backed by this wealth of knowledge, we’re passionate about being involved in the design of a complete space, while still offering each of our services individually.

In today’s world, there’s no limit to what can be done. Digital fabrication techniques can combine beautifully with traditional craftsmanship. Endless ideas are at our fingertips, changing the way we collaborate with clients and create new designs, while the world around us is an infinite source of inspiration. Fittings and furniture can be made from scratch or reclaimed and remodelled into something entirely new. In fact, we’re able to choose from such a vast selection of materials on offer, we can match your particular style perfectly. Seeing your project as a blank page, we’ll colour it with possibility and give you something that is truly unique and truly yours.