Moksha, in its traditional sense, is an idea that speaks into transcendence or going beyond ordinary limitations.

Moksha, as a company, embodies just that.

We are able to go above and beyond the ordinary limitations of what’s expected and give you something completely extraordinary in return. The projects we put our hands to are given new life fuelled by our desire to see your personal space actualised. We’ve streamlined the process into carefully constructed stages, freeing you from the hassle an undertaking of this magnitude may cause.


Our three innovative service solutions can be taken as a combined package, or individually, depending on your needs. All offerings can be altered to suit any project requirements, fitting in with your unique project vision.


Stage 1 – Design

At Moksha, we take an innovative approach to designing and redefining your space. Our design specialist will create your space around your needs, defining movement patterns and creating layouts to ensure space optimisation and aesthetic appeal.

Once this plan has been rolled out, we will skilfully craft the overall look-and-feel to your requirements and offer you custom-designs. We like to take a practical approach, working with textures and colours to help you in selecting materials for both interior and cabinetry design.

These ideas are then put to paper. We’ll produce tailor-made 2D working design drawings to be used to obtain quotes, as well as, working drawings for construction and manufacture. The option of 3D renderings is also available.


Stage 2 – Cabinetry Manufacture & Installation

Our master craftsman will bring your dream design to life. We can design and manufacture handcrafted furniture and joinery, or source what you’re looking for from our extensive local and international network, including kitchen cabinetry, bedroom wardrobes, built-in cupboards, bathroom vanities, mirrors, laser-cut screens, signage, TV units, studies, tables and shop fittings.

With the expertise of an accomplished master joiner and cabinetry maker on your side, if you can dream it, we can make it. We are as passionate about creating an individual piece, as we are about redoing an entire showroom, shop, home, office or restaurant. And we will be available every step of the way, working closely with the project manager/architect/decorator and ensuring on-time delivery.


Stage 3 – Architectural Design, Construction Planning & Project Management

This fully-fledged turnkey option is available to you for renovations, alterations and new builds.

We begin with a creative blueprint. Our architectural design team puts together concept designs, which are then drafted into working drawings by our qualified architect. Building plans and drawings are then conveniently submitted to the relevant councils and estates.

Our project management and construction planning service takes the hard work and frustration out of any project. We draw up, supply and co-ordinate project teams, draw up contracts, provide on-site supervision and manage budgets, making the process a simple and smooth one. The construction phase, fully projected managed from end-to-end by our project manager, is constantly monitored under the expert eye of our architect who continually assesses quality and regulation standards.

Finally, when our artists and artisans put down their tools, a beautiful new space that’s been created through collaboration, innovation and precision, emerges. It’s a place we can all be proud of and, as promised, a place you are proud to call your own.